Your vaccination status is your business!

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“It is your right not to sign any document or give any information to your supervisor or your manager! They cannot do you anything! If they run into you, please call the PSA or come and see me personally…we would sue them on a personal capacity because what they are doing is not a policy of the state and is not a policy that has been endorsed by the organization!” said Duke.

This followed many complaints of PSA members employed at the Judiciary, who sent copies of a form to the PSA that requested workers to inform management of their vaccination statuses. The form also asked employees to give medical reasons, via doctor recommendation only, if they were not vaccinated.

Duke stated that legally, no employer had the right to request such personal information from any employee. He said that according to the Data Protection Act, anytime a person gave a picture or personal information, they must be sure of five things:

–       They must know for a fact, what the recipients of the information were doing with their data.

–       They must know how the data will be stored.

–       They must know who will have access to that data.

–       They must know when the data would be destroyed.

–       They must know how will it be destroyed.

“These are pertinent questions based on the data protection act, they have not addressed this here,” said Duke.

He stated that the letter from judiciary’s management showed pretentious concern over workers health.  He stated that if they did care about workers’ health, they would have engaged in more meaningful conversations with the employee and the employees’ representative, the PSA, as the PSA is fully trained to ensure that no one was being exploited.

“I, Watson Duke, have not taken any vaccine. I would not be subjecting myself to any vaccine, that has not been licensed!” said Duke.