PSA: Withholding of salaries are unacceptable and will be dealt with legally!

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An employee at the Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour, is yet to receive her salary for the month of July. According to her, it seems as though she may not be paid for the month of August either, all because of a personal vendetta against her. The employee stated although instructions were given both verbally and via written memo, no salary has yet been paid to her. The employee, highly frustrated with what she is referring to as victimization in the workplace, has reached out to the Public Services Association (PSA) to intervene on her behalf.

Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Hayden Darren Duke, has called on higher management to ensure that all outstanding salaries are paid to the employee by the end of August. He stated that he would be working alongside the employee to ensure such victimization is stopped. The PSA represented by Duke holds firmly the position that no employee should have to endure any form of victimization and that withholding of employees’ salaries is unacceptable and will not in any way be tolerated by the PSA, especially during a pandemic.  

The PSA upon receiving the grievance from the employee has already started to legally advise and legally act on the matter.