WASA’s Executive Director Lennox Sealy Resigns

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In a press release issued earlier today The Ministry of Public Utilities has announced the resignation of newly appointed Executive Director of the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA), Lennox Sealy and the appointment of WASA’s Deputy Chairman, Ravindra Nanga, as Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Commissioners.

The issue stated that forthcoming, the WASA Board of Commissioners would make an announcement on the appointment of an interim executive management team. In February this year, Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales had announced the appointment of then Chairman, Lennox Sealy as Executive Director.

Sealy replaced then acting CEO, Allan Poon King as Executive Director of the state-owned utility company. According to the Government, this followed the decision of a Cabinet sub-committee that consisted of Members of Parliament who were appointed by the Prime Minister.

The Public Services Association’s (PSA) President, Watson Duke, in a phone interview with PSA’s media, indicated that on Monday 12th at 10am, via press conference, he would reveal with proof of documents, recordings and letters the reasons behind Sealy’s resignation.

This is a developing story.
Reporter: Melissa Goodman