Vaccinated or Unvaccinated? Education is Education.

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In a media release by the Ministry of Education, Physical schools will reopen for vaccinated students forms 4 to 6 on October 4th, 2021 for both teaching and practical sessions. PSA media had a chance to talk to concerned parent Natasha as she shared her concerns as to why it was unfair that her unvaccinated daughter could not return to school.

        Natasha, a single parent of two stated that she was stuck between quitting her job and putting food on the table for her family as she had no one to help her children with their online education. Her children Amron who is 11 years old and Aneesa who recently turned 16 are both unvaccinated and Natasha has no plans to have her children vaccinated.

      Aneesa who is set to write CXC next year suffers from asthma and that is one of the main reasons that her mother is reluctant to have her vaccinated. “ It is unfair.” said Natasha, “ I find it very unfair because everybody has the right to make a choice and for them to force a vaccine on children threatening their education is sickening.”

    She stated that with her child being a high risk she would not be risking her life for her education. Her fear stems from multiple cases of vaccinated people catching covid and closer to home the story about Tahirah Mohammed,17, who suffered a case of anaphylactic shock after receiving the Pfizer vaccine on August 18th.

   “ I know that the possibility of my child having the same reaction is rare but there is still a chance that it can happen,” said Natasha.

   She went on to state that it was possible for vaccinated students to get covid so how did it help that only they would be allowed in school. When asked how her daughter felt, Natasha, replied, “She is very distraught that she cannot be back in physical school as she responds better to physical teaching but she understands that taking the vaccine could affect her health.”