Update on Salary Negotiations! (PART FOUR)

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President of the Public Services Association (PSA) Watson Duke and First Vice President (FVP) Felisha Thomas, last week gave status updates on salary negotiations for twenty (20) bargaining units.

If you are a member of the PSA and you belong to one of the bargaining units, you can view the status of your salary negotiations here:

(Kindly note that fifteen (15) bargaining units were posted in previous Facebook posts)

Water and Sewage Authority (WASA):

– FVP stated that WASA’s negotiations have begun. However, Ms. Thomas stated that the focus have adjusted slightly to ensure protection of the workers at WASA.

“We are at the point now where there’s a whole different ball game at WASA so negotiations are still on the table but focus have shifted just slightly, to focus on the protection of the workers of WASA,” said FVP Thomas.

Betting Levy Board:

-FVP stated that negotiations would have been settled in 2019 for the employees at the Betty Levy Board, she said that the PSA was now at the point where reviewing a new proposal for management. She indicated that the committee would have completed a proposal that is to be reviewed and discussed.

The Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority:

– FVP indicated that the proposal for the Racing Authority was on the table. She stated that negotiations commenced with management, however, within that period of discussion, there was a fire at the Racing Authority that posed some challenges and put a pause to the negotiation process.

Despite the challenges, FVP Thomas said that the PSA was still pursuing negotiations with management and was waiting for an agreed date to proceed.

“Once they have settled in, we will approach them again and we will commence those negotiations.”

Metal Industrial Company Limited (MIC):

– FVP indicated that though negotiations have not yet commenced, MIC’s management was in the process of costing the submitted proposal. She stated that the PSA undertook an extensive process with the MIC PSA committee and MIC PSA members, where excellent feedback by members was given and added to the proposal. FVP Thomas stated that negotiations were expected to begin soon.  

Civil Service Negotiations:

– President of the PSA, Watson Duke, stated that negotiations began and proposals were in for workers of the Civil Service. He stated that the PSA had agreements on allowances and even on salaries to an extent. However, he stated that when the pandemic began, it dealt a blow to the negotiation process. He stated that the PSA was expecting to continue in discussions with the Minister of Finance soon.

Reporter: Melissa Goodman