TTPS threatens pay cut should employees not comply to full capacity mandate.

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Members of the Public Services Association (PSA) employed at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Administration Building have indicated that as of yesterday, they too are required to work at full capacity. They reported that according to higher management, refusal to obey the full capacity mandate, would lead to a reduction in employees’ salaries.

With fear of the Covid-19 Delta variant, many employees are not just highly concerned but are questioning why higher management is going against a fifty percent employee rotation mandated by the Prime Minister. Many are trying to reason that without any official mandate, why are employers requiring workers to return to work at full capacity.

One source stated that it was a ridiculous threat by management to interfere with the salaries of workers, if workers choose to act in the best interest of their health and their family’s health. Many have shared that they live with persons who are vulnerable and are at risk should they contract the virus.

Employees have since been calling on the Prime Minister to engage in conversations and policies that will firmly ensure a fifty percent rotation of employees.

The PSA, represented by Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Aaron Singh, stated that staff should only be rotated on a maximum of fifty percent capacity according to the Prime Minister’s mandate. He said that anything contrary to the PM’s mandate would be in contravention of the Public Health Guidelines and pose high risks to employees.

“We want to implore management to operate in accordance to the Public Health guidelines in order to prevent Covid-19 spikes amongst staff and the wider public. We ask that management review and adjust their rosters accordingly.” Said IRO Singh.