TT Safe Zones for Vaccinated Only.

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In a media conference held today by Prime Minister the Honorable Dr. Keith Rowley, it was announced that members of the public 12 years and over will have access to bars, cinemas, restaurants, gyms, and casinos once they are fully vaccinated. 

     P.M. Rowley stated that it is a choice and that once you are fully vaccinated facilities will be available to you. The safe zone initiative is due to take effect from Monday 11th October 2021. 

  Minister Stuart Young took to the stage to detail how the proposed safe zones would work stating that all employees operating from the safe zones must be fully vaccinated and that owners will carry the responsibility of ensuring everyone on the property are vaccinated. 

  Owners who do not comply will face a fine that has yet to be decided upon. “What is being developed by the Ministry of Health is basically a poster that will be provided via a schedule to the public health regulations setting out to the public that my establishment is a safe zone,” said Minister Yung. A tiered penalty system is also being looked at. 

  The establishments will only be allowed to operate at 50% and the ban on consumption of alcohol remains in place. 

  Patrons who wish to visit any of said establishments will have to walk with their immunisation cards to show proof of their vaccination status. Young stated that the Ministries of Digital Transformation and Health are working towards providing a digital vaccination card. 

  Prime Minister Rowley said “It will be good for the economy, it will be good for all of us.”  Comparing the new system to that of the penalties of selling alcohol to a minor or being turned away from the cinema for not being a certain age. He stated, “That model is already in place and so we are using that model to treat the virus.” 

  The government will consider reopening the beaches and sporting activities in two weeks’ time.