Traffic Wardens Mandatory “Base Fee” Payment Debunked!

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Following grievances of several members at the Chaguanas Traffic Warden Base, the Public Services Association (PSA), represented by Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Aaron Singh, had called on management of the base, to confirm or deny allegations of mandatory “base fee” payments.

Earlier this morning, in a response to the PSA’s appeal, sources debunked such allegations, calling them a complete miscommunication of the information that was communicated by management to employees.

A source indicated that because of Covid-19, employees regularly donated towards cleaning and sanitizing agents, as the Ministry of Works and Transport, though they provided such, was not doing so in a timely manner. She said that this donation was completely voluntary and employees could easily choose to donate or not.

The source said that employees also donated for birthday clubs and personal Internet connections, as Internet provided by the Ministry was only accessible via work computers.

According to the sources, communication between the staff and their management team is expected, in order to resolve any miscommunication that would have taken place.