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The Public Services Association President(PSA) and the Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots(PDP), Watson Duke is contented that the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley has listened to his Independence Day message to the nation.
In his live media conference that was held in Tobago, on Friday, the Prime Minister announced that the transportation of persons on the Seabridge between Trinidad and Tobago would increase from 50 percent to 75 percent. In addition, the Prime Minister said that he would speak with Caribbean Airlines to see if they can increase the number of flights between the islands.

Dr. Rowley said, “We can do this because we are saying that, as against when we started without a vaccinated population that we do now have a population that is increasingly being vaccinated.” The Prime Minister said it is against this backdrop that the capacity to open up transportation between the island was considered. He stated that 516,000 persons have been partially vaccinated and this represents 36.8 percent of the population. He noted that 29.1 percent of the population was fully vaccinated and this is 408,000 persons.

However, in a telephone interview with PSA media, the PDP leader said, “I think the Prime Minister knows that Watson Duke represents a large cross-section of the people. Duke went on to add, “I am very much pleased that his response is in the positive. For responding to the cries of the people.” Duke pointed out that his responsibility as a leader is voicing the cries of the people. He also noted that it will do the Prime Minister well to listen to Watson Duke more.
On Independence Day, Duke on a Facebook Live broadcast lamented the plight of citizens, who he said could not enjoy the independence of the nation while amidst a state of emergency imposed on their freedom of movement. He also complained that the lack of transportation between the islands, with one to two flights per day, was a blemish on our independence.