The Board of CCLCS Must Act.

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Members of the teaching staff at the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies is calling on the school’s board to have a conversation with the school’s director, Dr. Andre Vincent Henry over his interaction with union members at the institution.

At least two Senior Lecturers spoke to PSA Media and said that they will speak under conditions of strict confidentiality in order to avoid victimization. They pointed out that the Director has a problem with dealing with unions at the institution and especially the Public Services Association (PSA).

One lecturer said that: “Persons began seeing what was taking place and began sending their grievances via written letters that were sent anonymously.” According to that staff member rather than treat with the issues the Director began searching computers at the institution to find the source of the letters. This was done in discord with the Board’s instructions.

That staff member noted that because the union would call out the Director over his handling of certain issues he naturally believed that key union members were the ones behind the letters and is now attempting to have union representation removed for all academic staff. The Director, Dr. Henry has even taken drastic steps to apply to the Registration Recognition and Certification Board (RRCB) to have all Senior Lecturers, Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers removed from the bargaining unit represented by the PSA.

When the PSA media spoke to the PSA’s Second Vice President, Avinash Maharajh he said, “The position adopted by the Director is one that is tantamount to union busting and antithetical to the fundamental and governing principles of the College which were to empower unions and workers through training and knowledge. The Board must intervene to halt this dictatorial Director whose actions threaten to cause irreparable damage to the reputation of this esteemed institution.”