Suspended, then Reinstated with PSA’s intervention.

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Following an almost four month suspension, an employee at the Metal Industries Company (MIC) was reinstated, after the representation of the Public Services Association (PSA) and the PSA’s staff side section.

The PSA represented by Marvin Lee Davis, intervened in early May after an employee had been interdicted in April. The employee, without being given any official memo, had been interdicted on the premise that material from a job site was removed without proper documentation by higher authorities. The employee reported to the PSA that since his suspension, not one person from management had asked for an explanation from him as to what had happened and why it happened. They only proceeded to take action, which resulted in his almost four-month suspension.

After consultations with the PSA Staff Side Section, Ronnie Shaffie, and IRO Lee-Davis, the employee was reinstated last week. He went through the proper channels of communicating first with the PSA’s staff side section, then reporting to IRO Lee-Davis on the matter.

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