Southwest, fully vaccinated flight attendant dies of Covid-19.

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Battling with Covid-19 for over a month, one fully vaccinated flight attendant died from the Covid-19 virus on Tuesday. According to a report done by Fox News, the 36-year-old flight attendant, Maurice Reginald Shepperson, tested positive for the virus in early July after flying to Hawaii.

Following his death, his mother alerted authorities to his fully vaccinated status. She expressed that his passing happened so suddenly. She stated that he suddenly could not breathe and drove himself to the hospital. Shepperson was put on a ventilator in a Las Vegas hospital, where he spent one month.

It had been reported by a close friend and coworker of Shepperson that he was very cautious, in that, he always wore his masks, washed his hands, sanitized surfaces and wiped down every hotel that he stayed in, she said that despite all his precautions he still tested positive in July.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person is only fully vaccinated 14 days after having received the final dose of an FDA authorized vaccine. The report stated that Shepperson’s death was among the rarest cases with fully vaccinated persons.