Shortage of oxygen at the Covid-19 Unit in Tobago

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Whilst Covid-19 cases are seemingly reducing in numbers across Trinidad and Tobago, nurses at the Scarborough General Hospital have stated that they continue to remain vigilant of the virus. According to them, the parallel health care system in Tobago continues to be flooded with patients.

Public Services Association (PSA), Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Hayden Darren Duke, has informed PSA Media that up until last week, there was a shortage of oxygen at the Scarborough General Hospital. He indicated that PSA’s representatives engaged in conversations with management last Friday, where questions were posed to management in order to address the shortage.

He stated that following the PSA’s intervention by its representatives, the issue had been addressed shortly after.

“We continue to monitor the situation as oxygen is of imperative importance in treating with Covid-19 patients.” Said IRO Duke.

According to IRO Duke, management continues to display extremely poor management in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, he said that they continue to allow non-testing of many patients that come into the facility, which only poses a threat to the staff that are in contact with them. He said that as such, the health professionals continue to be highly uncomfortable whilst performing their work related duties.

He thereby informed PSA media that despite nurses being overworked, they continued to do their best as front line workers to help address the dilemma caused by this worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

According to IRO Duke, Tobago’s Scarborough General Hospital has so far had Covid-19 outbreaks in the following departments:

– Medical Ward

– Medical Records Area

– Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

– Maternity Ward

– Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Department

If you have any information relating to the management or mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis in Tobago, kindly reach out to the Public Services Association via our Facebook page “PSA Trinbago” or via contact: 681-6273. All calls and information will remain anonymous.