Safe Zone Opens, Citizens say No Thank You.

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As the ‘safe zone’ policy takes effect today some citizens have stated no thank you to the policy as it makes no sense to them. “ Even though I am vaccinated there is still a chance I can contact Covid just being outside is a risk as I am surrounded by both the vaccinated and unvaccinated how does it makes sense that I can mingle with everyone outside then supposedly go in this safe environment and be surrounded by other vaccinated people who have been around whoever it just makes no sense to me,” said one citizen.

  A father of three stated that he found it unfair as all his children were under the age of twelve. 

“ So I must just be comfortable going out while my children who do be missing doing activities outside must stay home and watch me. How is that fair? How I suppose to feel comfortable knowing that all these things I used to do with my kids are unavailable to them but I could go have fun and leave them home.”

  Rishma who spoke with PSA media said that the government was being discriminatory. 

“ I believe that this situation is discrimination in the highest form, it is basic enticement by the government if you do this I will do this, in this instance, it is the government saying if you get vaccinated I will allow you to go enjoy in house dining and watch a movie at the cinema but what about the unvaccinated what about children why must they suffer the indignity of watching others go back to normal life because of a choice they made. The vaccine is a choice and this is the government using the stick and carrot method which is basically if you do what the government tells you, you will get the carrot but if you don’t then it’s the stick.”

  Another citizen stated that he was not concerned with the ‘safe zones’ “ I have no work right now, as I work construction and have yet to be called back out, food prices are rising it costing 22 dollars to go from Sando to Port-of-Spain I don’t know where my next pay coming from so I ain’t have no time to be studying this safe zone thing everybody have a choice and whoever go, go.”

  Under the Safe Zone concept, businesses including restaurants, bars, gyms, water parks, cinemas, and casinos will be allowed to open to vaccinated citizens only. Workers at establishments must be fully vaccinated and each business can only operate at 50%.