Rotation of Non-Essential Staff at the Land Management Division.

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Public Servants have expressed their concerns regarding the request by their managements’ for workers to return to their offices at full capacity.

Members of the Public Services Association (PSA) employed at the Land Management Division in El Socorro have stated that with no mandate from the Prime Minister or the Permanent Secretary, the non-essential staff is required by management to work on rotation. They made notable that the instruction came at a time when the Prime Minister has stated, “rotation of essential workers only.”

Employees at the Division have said that no official letter or memorandum has been sent to workers indicating such, however, when non-essential workers question the mandate by managers, they are threatened with the usage of their sick days, should they not comply with the rotation.

According to the members, the Division has had four-plus, positive Covid-19 cases which management kept secretive from staff. They stated that no proper sanitization was done and so their concerns extended to a lack of proper adherence to the Covid-19 protocols.

One source has stated: “I have no problem working, once Covid safety protocols are followed and someone takes accountability for staff coming out against the directive of the PM.”