Role of a Health and Safety Committee in the workplace – What you need to know! (Part two)

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Duke, in his Facebook live, stated that under section 10 of the OSH Act, an employer was duty-bound to protect him or herself and his or her employees. Also making reference to section 25 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Duke stated, “every single employer in consultation with the representative employee shall establish a safety and health committee, at an industrial establishment in accordance with this section. Once a place has more than twenty persons being employed, in any establishment, the employer is duty-bound, by law, to have a health and safety committee.”

He said that any organization with less than twenty employees had to call upon the Chief Inspector of the Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Arlene John-Seow, in order to have a separate situation created, to ensure the safety of all employees.

Duke stated that health and safety committees were crucial in order to perform risk assessments in the workplace that evaluated and mitigated all risks in bringing employees back out to work.

He said that the health and safety committees were also crucial for keeping records of health surveillances, that is: records of employees’ health, where when a person reports ill, it is recorded so that the information can be used to create health and safety policies for the next year. According to Duke, with such observed information, one can now say that steps are being taken to improve policies. Duke sated that according to section 75 of the OSH Act; the records should be kept for no less than 25 years.