RHA Workers Exploited During Pandemic!

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Public Services Association (PSA), First Vice President, Felisha Thomas, stated that employers were using the pandemic as an excuse to alter the terms and conditions of their employees. She said that management of all five Regional Health Authorities (RHA) was increasing employees’ eight-hour shifts to twelve-hour shifts without any consultation.Ms Thomas stated that the PSA has written many times for management to desist from this form of exploitation. However, according to her, they persist. Ms. Thomas made specific reference to a response she received from the CEO of the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA), Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, which said, “The decision (extend working hours) taken was an executive decision and as such it was not an offer.” He further threatened that if employees don’t take the extended shifts assigned to them, they will be disciplined for misconduct. Ms. Thomas stated that was unacceptable and consultations must be had with regard to a change in employees terms and conditions.She added that upon having a meeting last month with the North Central Regional Authority (NCRHA) CEO, Davlin Thomas, she was promised that management would revisit the mandate under which radiographers at the Arima Hospital worked. To date she said, nothing has been done.President of the PSA, Watson Duke, in a previous interview stated that management could not change employees’ terms and conditions without talking to their unions. He stated that it was the law that employees of the Ministry of Health work 8-10 hours per day with two clear days off. He said that anything more that that must be considered overtime.