Quarantine Concern at Sangre Grande Health Centre.

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Employees working in the Pharmacy area of Enhance Health Centre in Sangre Grande want to know why they have not been placed on home quarantine after one of their co-workers was confirmed Covid-19 positive. The employees noted that they had last worked with their co-worker on Thursday and Friday and it was only discovered that she was Covid-19 positive yesterday. They said the sick coworker did not show any symptoms when she last worked. 

“Although we were swabbed, we were sent back out to work as usual and I do not think that was the correct thing to do given the Covid-19 situation in the country at the moment.” So said one employee who spoke to PSA media. She made it clear that she did not want her name mentioned. 

That worker said that although most of the staff were vaccinated in the pharmacy area, they interact with doctors and nurses, and patients at the health centre.

 “In a case that someone else has contracted the virus they can spread this thing to anyone.” The worker said after pointing out that the temperature testing gauge at the entrance of the building is usually used to check patients entering and not staff. 

She also pointed out that there is no chance of social distancing in the pharmacy area since up to seven and eight workers work together at any given time and the area is not that large. 

PSA media tried contacting the management of Enhance Health Centre but they have not returned a call although they stated that they would. 

Yesterday, the Health Ministry recorded more than 763 new Covid-19 cases This figure comes on the heels of the highest number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the country since the start of the pandemic. That figure was 781 cases. They are more than the 708 recorded on May 21. In addition, the number of active cases in the country as of yesterday was over 10,500 and to date, the Covid-19 virus has claimed the life of 2,134 persons.