PSA: “Tobago’s staff remains very much challenged!”

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Public Services Association (PSA), Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Hayden Darren Duke, says that management at the Scarborough General Hospital continues to fail their employees.

Via a phone interview, IRO Darren Duke chastised ongoing statements made by the hospital’s management, calling them false and quite contrary to what is taking place at the hospital. He indicated that everyday; the PSA Tobago’s branch received several calls and messages from staff expressing their concerns over what they are referring to as, Covid-19 mismanagement.

IRO Darren Duke also condemned the actions of the hospital’s Nursing Care Manager following reports that nurses were being asked to report their vaccination statuses. He affirmed that vaccination statuses were private and it was not part of nurses’ terms and conditions to declare their status to anyone.

President of the PSA, Watson Duke, in a recent interview stated that the rise in Covid-19 cases in Tobago, particularly at the Scarborough General Hospital (SGH), was solely due to Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine and her lack of direction.

Duke said, “Tracy Davidson-Celestine to blame for rise in Covid-19 cases in Tobago!”

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), Assemblyman Dr. Faith B.Yisrael, also denoted two main reasons for the rise in Covid-19 cases at the hospital. She said that it all boiled down to lack of leadership and lack of proper mechanisms in place to mitigate the rapid spread of the virus.