PSA seeks temporary shut down of BIR office.

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The Public Services Association (PSA) Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Aaron Singh, has called on the management of the Board of Inland revenue to temporarily shut down its San-Fernando office, following a positive Covid-19 case.

It was communicated to IRO Singh that following the positive Covid-19 case at the San-Fernando District Office, proper contact tracing and sanitization was not done. Members of the PSA employed at the office have expressed their concern being in what they refer to as unsafe work environment.

Members stated that they were unsure that management has engaged in proper sanitization of the office following the positive case. They are also on the side of precaution as they stated no positive or secondary contacts were quarantined.

IRO Singh stated that upon making attempts to reach the Chairman of the BIR, Ramnarine Bedassie, no information was forthcoming. According to Singh those who he spoke with on the matter, were very hesitant in giving information and did not confirm knowledge of the positive Covid-19 case.

Workers have asked via the PSA’s representation that the office be temporarily closed and thoroughly sanitized before they are to report for their work related duties.

“Members are fearful to work in an unsafe work space, we are calling on the chairman to urgently engage in a temporary shut down of the office and have it fully sanitized, where a mass outbreak can be prevented, ” implored IRO Singh.

Reporter: Melissa Goodman