PSA pays tribute to wards maids, our unsung frontline heroes!

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Relentlessly, our front-line heroes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic have battled through scary and uncertain circumstances to ensure our safety. Since March 2020, we have witnessed them putting their safety on the line to protect us in the face of Covid-19. They were the ones who day in and day out, fought to keep us safe. Today, as we begin a month-long “International Wards Maids” celebration, the Public Services Association (PSA) takes the time to pay tribute to every ward’s maid throughout Trinidad and Tobago, particularly to those that we, unfortunately, lost to Covid-19.

The PSA takes special time today, to commemorate the life of 39-year-old Alicia Rullow, a contracted wards maid at the St Ann’s Hospital who passed away from Covid-19. Rullow is believed to have contracted the virus on Ward 19 of the St. Ann’s Hospital during her work-related duties.

Let’s hear from some of our heroes:

“It is terrifying to be working at this time. I’m sometimes scared for myself and I am sometimes scared to contract the virus and take it home to my husband and kids. My daughter is a heart patient and so, my job at times can be overwhelming, but I come out every day and do what I am expected to do.”

“Cleaning the surfaces of areas that you know are infected with Covid-19 is intimidating, to say the least, but this is our job and during the pandemic, these are the threats that we are posed with.”

“We are working in the midst of conflict and disease, I am not going to say that it is not terrifying, it is! We too are scared but are come out to work and we try our best to follow all the protocols that would keep us safe, but you just never know.”

Today and every day for this month, the PSA continues to give the biggest of thanks and share our appreciation for every ward’s maid, who during these times, have ensured that those who protect us are safe. At a time where sanitization and cleanliness of surfaces are detrimental, our wards maids continue to do their part in protecting those who are fighting to protect us. If you know a ward’s maid that you would like to send appreciation to, please tag them in the comments below.