PSA Defends Private Sector Workers

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The Public Services Association (PSA) is holding good to its promise to defend workers who have chosen not to take any of the Covid-19 vaccines available in the country at this time. In his latest Facebook live broadcast, PSA President, Watson Duke was live on the Ground Report 104.7 FM morning radio programme, where he told listeners that the PSA had been contacted by several employees in the private sector. According to Duke, the PSA has been 100% successful in having employers respect their workers’ rights and choice to take an invasive vaccine.

Duke said: “None of our matters have ever reached to court simply because employers are calculating and saying they did not see the situation so clearly before.” The PSA President went on to advise workers who are being challenged to take the vaccine against their will, he recommended, “Come, join the PSA and we will make your boss know what time it is.” President Duke also pointed out that the PSA has also indicated to employers that the Association is willing to take the matter all the way to the Privy Council if it is necessary. 

On a previous Facebook live earlier this month, Duke had warned managers and owners of establishments that pitting vaccinated workers against the unvaccinated was no different than other forms of discrimination that the PSA had fought against in the past. 

This stance taken by the PSA was positioned after several business owners openly stated that employees, who refused to get the jab would be required to provide mandatory PCR tests every two weeks or face being left out of the roster.