PSA defends employees threatened with mandatory vaccination or weekly PCR Tests.

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President of the Public Services Association (PSA), Watson Duke has invited employees who are being forced into vaccination and mandatory weekly PCR tests, to join the PSA. He stated that he, along with the PSA’s legally trained staff were ready and waiting to fight employees’ cases in the court of law. According to Duke, any such mandate was illegal and infringed upon a person’s human rights.

A letter issued recently by eight private hospitals, stated that starting from September 1, weekly mandatory PCR tests for unvaccinated employees would be mandated. The letter said that employees must have a valid and medical reason as to why they cannot be vaccinated, if no medical reason is provided, employees must succumb to weekly PCR tests at their own expense.

In the undermentioned are the eight private hospitals that agreed by signature of this letter, to this mandate:

–       Cross Crossing Medical Centre

–       Gulf View Medical Centre

–       Medical Associates

–       Southern Medical Clinic

–       The Surgi-Med Clinic

–       St. Augustine Private Hospital

–       Victoria Nursing Home

–       West Shore Medical Private Hospital

The letter stated that whilst they understand the cost factor behind the weekly PCR tests, their first priority was to their patients accessing the services of the private hospitals.

The letter read, “We the undersigned private hospitals have all agreed as providers of healthcare to the vulnerable population that we have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their treatment and care. We, as your private healthcare providers will use every means at our disposal to protect the accessing public and the weapon available to us right now is the vaccine.”

Other businesses in the private sector that have also adopted this mandate are:

–       Trotters Restaurant Group,

–       Nigel R. Khan Booksellers,

–       KFC

–       Marios.

If you are employed at an organization where you feel forced into mandatory vaccination or mandatory PCR tests by any employer, please feel free to contact the PSA at: 226-5059.

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