Prime Minister has no new data.

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Amidst the honking of car horns outside the parliament, trade unionists and concerned citizens showing up outside the Red House to protest the extension of the state of emergency, Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley has provided just one reason for the government’s determination to extend the SoE. 

According to Dr. Rowley, “We want to discourage the nocturnal activities for a little while longer.” 

Speaking in parliament yesterday, Dr. Rowley said that he did not have any new data since those were provided on a daily basis when the health ministry hosted their media conferences. He went on to say that his request were guided by the epidemiologist and technocrats at the ministry of health. 

However, Dr. Rowley’s point was immediately met with suspicion when Couva South’s, Member of Parliament, Rudranath Indarsingh was given the opportunity to speak. MP Indarsingh suggested another alternative as to why Dr. Rowley had decided to pursue another extension for the curfew. He said: “It is one of power, I am in charge and will do what I want. I will not listen to any of the stakeholders.” 

Speaking after MP Indarsingh, health minister, Terrence Deyalsingh backed up the Prime Minister by saying that the state of emergency is still necessary because children need to be protected from their parents, who are going out to party and putting them at risk. The St. Joseph Member of Parliament also pointed out that the ministry is really not certain if the delta variant is in the country presently.  

Dr. Lackram Bodoe, Member of Parliament for Fyzabad was the next opposition member to speak. He questioned the government’s motive and asked if the real reason for the request for an extension might be because the government wanted to prevent the delta variant from entering the country through an immigrant. He suggested if this is the case then the government should state this to citizens. 

As the debate winds up in the House of Representatives, the motion to extend the state of emergency requires a simple majority to be passed.