Police shuts down unvaccinated vegetable vendors.

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Around 7:00 am this morning, unvaccinated, retail vegetable vendors were shut down by police along the Caroni Savannah Road. In a phone call with the Public Services Association (PSA), the retail vendors expressed their distress as the officers forced them to shut their stalls down, as vendors could not provide proof of vaccination. The vendors were told that they could not retail unless their proof of vaccination could be provided. According to the vendors, the officers, who were believed to be attached to the Chaguanas Police Station, stated that they would be patrolling the areas to ensure unvaccinated vendors were not operating.

Vendors stated that two police vehicles, carrying five officers approached their sheds with the information. One vendor, upon being shut down, left soon after to get vaccinated.

If you have more information on this, kindly call the PSA at 746-7599