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The main purpose of a performance appraisal is for the development of the employee to allow him/her to improve his/her performance. A performance appraisal system should be designed in such a way as to be as objective as possible in the assessment of an employees’ performance rather than on traits and characteristics.

In the civil service the “Shaping Performance – A Manual for Performance Management in the Public Service” indoctrinates the performance appraisal system. It is a comprehensive document which covers all the tenets of a good performance management system. It speaks of mutual goal and objective setting between the employee and the supervisor, continuous assessment where the employee is periodically appraised of his performance and given the opportunity to correct any shortcomings and then collaboratively conducting the assessment at the end of the review period.

Nevertheless, there are many instances where an employee may be aggrieved with his assessment. In these instances, our members should contact their Section representatives or the PSA Executive for guidance and appeal if necessary.