PDP Leader Counsels Tobago on PNM Politricks

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Head of the Progressive Democratic Patriots, Watson Duke has cautioned Tobagonians to brace their ears for lots of talk in the upcoming budget presentation on October 4. 

Speaking on his usual Facebook platform, Duke was live on Tobago channel 5 news this morning. He told the host that he does not expect a larger budget allocation to Tobago, because: “It is going to be difficult to justify more money, but what I expect to see in the national budget is more talk for Tobago. They are going to kill Tobago with talk, plenty, plenty talk, ole talk, plenty political talk, and sweet talk.” However, he said that with all the talk, it would be difficult to justify a larger monetary allocation to Tobago. Duke reasoned, “It is still Trinidad and Tobago and people in Trinidad will be looking on.” Duke also noted that it would not be a wise political strategy if the central government do allocate more money to Tobago. 

During the interview, the PDP leader warned the PNM led THA administration that when the PDP gets into office it will have to account for the mismanagement of funds, including a 15 million U.S that was borrowed to deal with coastal erosion. Duke reminded listeners saying, “Remember, they have spent money for a whole year, without any public accounts committee, without any laying of the budget before the Tobago House of Assembly(THA). Without accounting to Tobago people that they have spent a lot of money.” He went on to state that the distribution of the rocks that took place in Roxborough and elsewhere has been done without any expertise and care. 

Earlier in the interview with Tobago Channel 5, Duke noted that despite the Elections and Boundaries Commission(EBC) apparent bias to carve the electoral districts in the PNM strongholds in West Tobago to give the ruling PNM party an advantage, he pointed out that the PDP would not challenge the EBC’s configuration and would instead allow the voters to decide.