PDP deputy political leader calls on Tobagonians living abroad to come home & invest

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Deputy Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots Farley C. Augustine called on Tobagonians living abroad to come home and invest their time and talents in Tobago.

He was speaking during an interview on Tobago Channel 5 on Tuesday, where he focused on the economy and employment. He recognized the importance of making these connections and 

“It is important for us to start making these connections and letting Tobagonians know that Tobago is open to you….I will faster facilitate a Tobagonian living abroad than facilitate Sabga and them with 12 acres of land down in Cove,” he said. 

Augustine emphasized that the first group of people the Tobago House of Assembly should target for its investment from outside should be people from the diaspora. 

Adding that there are many talented, well-educated, and financially wise persons living abroad, Augustine wondered why is the Tobago House of Assembly not attracting them home. He further explained that there are no laws preventing the THA from setting up a group of experts to reach out to such persons.

“I’m letting you know from now, that we want you to come back home and invest…come home and invest your time and talent, and we’re willing to use and accept you here,” he told those who may be looking on.

Regarding accommodation for the persons, Mr. Augustine said this will fall in line with the PDP’s land plan for Tobago. The PDP has promised to take state lands and develop them into plot sizes into every community at reduced prices that Tobagonians can buy.

Mr. Augustine also lobbying for a robust private sector in Tobago which can then take care of the opportunities that THA cannot provide. This is as several hotels remain closed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and as such Augustine said the tourism sector is no longer a major employer outside of the government sector.

“At the present moment the tourism sector and how it employs people would fall through, it used to be our largest employer outside of the government sector but with several hotels still closed and no sense of re-opening, several have lost their jobs in that sector,” he explained.