One man party the Class Action Reform Movement purposefully did not vote

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I did not want to be seen as a dropout.

These were the words of businessman and Political Leader of the Class Action Reform Movement Ricardo Phillip who gave his thoughts on the THA election results.

In a recording posted to Facebook, Phillip made it clear that he did not take part in the voting process because he is instead focused on building his party’s political image. He said that part of the election was not an issue for him.

“I did not run a political campaign like most candidates who went up in this election specifically because I wanted to be consistent, persistent, and not seen as a dropout in this election.”

Phillip said he believes that this was accomplished. He also emphasized that he has no delusions about his chances at the polls.

“I want people to understand that that is not an issue for me at this point in time. What is important is to continue to build the party’s political profile.”

He added, “the results at the poll have absolutely no bearing at this stage, at this point in time on how I feel and how I think I’m doing.”

Phillip said he purposefully did not go to the polls and did not ask persons to vote for his party. He instead continued to clarify and expand his political philosophy. As such, Phillip said he is not the least but disappointed in the results.

“I am going to be continuing to pursue and to push forward these agendas in the future so nothing is lost.” The political leader expressed satisfaction with his progress this far. 

Phillip contested the electoral district of Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant which was won by the Progressive Democratic Patriots’ Sonny Craig.