Nutrimix to raise prices on flour products.

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On January 4th, customers can expect to pay up to 20% more on flour products from Nutrimix, the county’s second-largest flour provider, this announcement made by Nutrimix came less than 24 hours after National Flour Mills (NFM) announced a hike in their prices.

   Due to the increase in global wheat prices and shipping, packaging, distribution, and other vital inputs, over the last two years, Nutramix stated that it could not continue to absorb the heavy costs associated with the additional charges.

  Nutrimix‘s 2kg and 10kg all-purpose flour will see an increase of 8% and 14% each while other retail items will be subject to increases between 8 and 20%. Furthermore, an increase of between 1 to 14% will apply to Baker’s 45kg bag of flour and Ultra Gluten Flour’s variety of products.

  It has been 14 years since Nutrimix has increased the price of its product, the company stated that it considered the impact on households.