No classes today. Teachers stage Blackout.

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On Wednesday a 39- second clip was posted on the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teacher’s Association (TTUTA) official Youtube channel showing President Antonia Tehka-De Freitas with a clear message that needed no words. 

 The video aptly named ‘blackout’ featured Tehka-De Freitas seated in front of a camera in a dimly lit room. She raised a laptop to the screen before closing it and showed a cellphone with a disconnected charger. 

 The video ended with President Tehka-De Freitas wearing black sunglasses and closed completely with the words “operation blackout coming to a screen near you” with the TTUTA logo. 

 This strike is in response to the lack of consultation with the organization, issues with the government’s plans to resume physical classes, outstanding negotiations with the state, and the current vaccination rollout. 

 Another video was posted online sharing that teachers would not be participating in zoom meetings or teaching classes today. 

 TTUTA has stated on multiple occasions that they felt that the government showed a lack of respect towards them. Stating in a press release “The Ministry of Education has demonstrated the ‘sham’ that passes for ‘consultation with the Recognized Majority Union’ a lack of appreciation for career procedures, as well as a total disregard for the well-being of educational professionals. “

 The video shared online, advising the protest ended with the words “maybe now they will listen.”