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A new year is upon us and yet still the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago instead of having a happy new year must look upon the new year with trepidation of what is to come due to the actions of not only the Government but businesses as well. PSA Media had a chance to ask citizens what they thought about the rising prices from The National Flour Mills and Kiss that would meet them in the new year and the responses were less than positive.

  “ I not buying no more bread but then again flour raising on the whole and I don’t like that in Guyana they do mix wheat and cassava flour to cut the cost of bread production and they should try that in Trinidad because we done in hard times already and a minimum wage job not helping you live. So you could afford bread when you can’t even buy it with an hour of work,” said a citizen who wished to remain anonymous.

  “ The rise of the cost of bread will be a problem because when bread raise the last time we could of barely afford it on my job salary. I would have to work two hours in order to buy a bread.”replied another.

 “ I have four children, you know how much we does eat in this house? Them children and them always want bread cause it easy to make sandwich. The Government and them big businesses don’t care nothing for us small people and I fedup ah it. Right now I barely affording to live of the money I making now and now them telling me when I go into the new year is to meet it with raised prices. Nah something wrong with Trinidad and Tobago boy,” said Denver,35.

  Another citizen stated that she understood that the Government had intervened and that the NFM dropped the increase in price, however she still felt that the price increase was too high.

 “ That is twice for the year you know, if you ask me is plain wickedness for Kiss to rise the price of bread twice for the year. Plus I hearing a talk that doubles could be $10 and I don’t know about anybody else but I ain’t paying $10 for one doubles.” said a disgruntled citizen.

  With the new year ahead of us and rising prices on the horizon, it is a question on the mind of most citizens how they will survive with a salary that has not been changed since 2019.