New Pill set to be added to the armoury to aid in pandemic fightback.

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“Now that there is a pill to fight Covid-19. There is no need for vaccination. No more curfew. No more safe zones. Life can finally go back to how it was. Oh, I cannot wait!” 

That was the words written on the page of a Facebook friend upon learning that Pfizer had developed an experimental pill that could reduce the risk of hospitalisation in patients. 

The Pfizer pill that will most likely be named paxlovid was the second success story after another drugmaker Merck also announced that they too had developed an antiviral pill called molnupiravir. The treatment is set to see several other companies developing their own antiviral pills that are designed to stop the Covid-19 virus from multiplying. It is known as a protease inhibitor and will be given to patients alongside another older antiviral drug, ritonavir. 

According to the manufacturers during trials, the pill was so successful that the trials were ended early and preparation began to have the company plead its case to the US Food and Drug administration for emergency authorisation.

The aim of the pill is to reduce the number of persons entering hospitals as the pill can be taken at home a few days after someone begins to develop symptoms.  It is particularly useful for at-risk persons who have comorbidities. During trial the company noted that they had an 89% reduction in hospitalisation and death by patients who took the pill. 

About four days ago at the health ministry’s Covid-19 media briefing nurse and team lead, Josette Bethel-Smith who works at the Couva hospital and multi-training facility stated that nurses have been traumatised after trying hard to save patients who eventually dies. 

“At this time, being a registered nurse in a pandemic has become extremely overwhelming. I particularly feel it for the nurses who started their careers during this pandemic. We are going to be sad. Some, if not all, are already traumatised. We have seen so much death, and we know there is going to be more.” She said.