National Security Minister says Tobagonians will find their way back to the PNM

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National Security minister Fitzgerald hinds said losing is not new to the PNM.  He was speaking during a special Trinidad and Tobago Media Briefing in San Fernando on Tuesday where he gave his thoughts on the Progressive Democratic Patriots historic milestone win in the THA election on Monday.

The National Security Minister said that the PNM is the only party that provides both Trinidad and Tobago with stability and development and because of this, citizens often go right back to the hands of the PNM. He gave the warning to look out for such a situation in the near future.

“Winning is not new to us, losing is not new to us….the people have spoken, we deal with that we regroup and we’ll come again because we are the PNM.

He added, “But I’ll tell you one thing, it is the PNM that brings stability and growth and development to Trinidad and Tobago. And often times when they veer away and go down the old dirt road, they come right back to the safe, solid hands of the PNM and that too is a matter to watch at it the not too distant future.”

The PDP annihilated the PNM in Monday’s election-winning 14 of the 15 districts on the island ending the PNM’s 21 year old reign.