More Voters To Show-Up For THA Elections.

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Faith B.Yisrael, Deputy Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots(PDP) anticipates more Tobagonians will come out to cast their ballots at the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly elections than they did in January. She said that the higher voter turnout is expected to favour the PDP candidates.

B.Yisrael in a telephone interview with PSA media indicated that the uncertainty surrounding the PDP in the past may have been quelled after the stalemate in the January 25 THA elections. She said, “People were a little uncertain, not necessarily undecided, but uncertain as to where they should have placed their support. They were not happy with the PNM, but they were not sure about the PDP.”

Confident that this has changed since the January 25 elections, she noted that the six PDP candidates have proven their worth, and added: “This has caused the people to be more sure of us.” According to the Deputy Political Leader, the unwillingness of the Peoples National Movement(PNM) councilors to cooperate with their PDP counterparts and serve the interest of the people despite their political differences was noticed by Tobagonians.

B.Yisrael, who is expected to represent Belle Garden/Glamorgan on the East of the island in the soon-to-be-announced THA elections also emphasised that the ruling party’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social response to the pandemic will drive more persons to come out and vote against the government. She pointed out, “The Prime Minister has used an authoritarian kind of method of talking to people, basically barking at people. Tobagonians are not used to that kind of talking.” She continued: “That is not working very well. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I think we have such hesitancy and a large number of people not wanting to take the vaccine is because of how the Prime Minister and his colleagues have been speaking to us. You telling me I have to do something. I am going to push back at that.” She said it is cultural.

At the last contested THA elections in January, the voter turnout according to the Elections and Boundaries Commission(EBC) was 51.84 percent. With an electorate of 51,062 registered voters, the EBC said 26,385 persons came out and voted. The PNM won the popular vote with 13,288 ballots and the PDP receiving a difference of fewer than 500 votes at 12,798.