The President of the PSA calls on the Minister of Health and the Government to pay essential workers more money as they are exposed to more risk. The PSA insists that a health plan be instituted with $3million critical illness coverage for health care workers and their families similar to what pertains for civil servants. The PSA is also calling for the provision of a $1million life insurance coverage for these workers. Since these health care workers have been forced to defer their vacation and work continuously to combat the  COVID-19 pandemic, these health care workers should be given 1 month’s vacation for each  three months worked which can be bought out if desired. Health care workers on contracts should be given ten (10) year contracts. All outstanding increments and allowances owed should be paid. Additionally, ALL essential workers in the public service should be paid a Hazard Allowance of $500 per month. The PSA is fighting for additional remuneration and benefits for all essential workers!