Mixed Views and Mandatory Vaccination

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Mixed views surround the Prime Minister’s most recent signal indicating the government’s intent at imposing mandatory vaccination for children. 

Speaking to PSA Media, the President of the Secondary Schools Principal Association, Sherra Carrington-James said, “The Association is directed by the Ministry of Education in line with what the Ministry of Health prescribes for our children that is safe. And that is what we are prepared to implement.” She also added that: “At this particular point in time, our Association feels that those directives take into consideration the best interest of our students and we are fully comfortable with that.” 

However, Carrington-James views differed from the Public Relations Officer of the Movement for Concerned Parents who reiterated a point made by one commenter on a statement posed on the PSA Trinbago Facebook page today. The statement reads: “PM warns of mandatory vaccination for children as Government is prepared to intervene on behalf of children.” Commenter Vishnu Ramrattan responded, “Like he knows what good for my child.” 

In speaking to PSA Media, PRO, Shamila Raheem said that the movement that she is a part of is not in agreement with the Prime Minister’s statement at this time because it infringes on person’s democratic rights as well as their freedom of choice. She also noted: “The CDC, FDA and the world health organisation are constantly changing their minds about the virus and the vaccination roll-out.” She asked, “If they are changing their minds every week are we supposed to trust them with our children’s health and safety?” 

Yesterday, while speaking at the commissioning ceremony that took place at the San Juan Government Primary School, Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley warned that Covid-19 vaccination could become mandatory if herd immunity among students is not achieved in the next few weeks.