Ministry of Health Double Standard?

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A PSA member, in a phone interview yesterday, has accused the Ministry of Health (MOH) of double standard in their manner of transporting exempted citizens ie those given permission to enter the country during the Covid-19 Pandemic Border Closure. The member said that while a 50 percent capacity restriction was imposed on the country’s public transportation, buses used by the MOH to transport exempted persons to their places of quarantine were filled to capacity, with absolutely no social distancing. The member chided the government for lack of proper procedure and called on the MOH to address this health breach. He said that it was easy to contract the virus in one of these buses before being put into quarantine. He explained that before entering the country, citizens had to show their signed documentation that proved they were vaccinated. However, he said that vaccination did not prevent a person from contracting the virus. He said that in this process, persons could easily be contaminated before reaching their respective quarantine places, thereby spreading the virus to those around them. The Public Services Association is further investigating this situation.