MALF Employees: “Shut the building down!”

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Employees at the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries (MALF) Head Office in Chaguanas are asking that Management shut the building down and implement a policy of testing everyone before anyone returns to the offices. Employees reached out to PSA and declared they were terrified to return to work following four additional positive Covid-19 cases at the Ministry. One member who is currently quarantined stated that no proper contact tracing was being done to ensure workers’ safety. The member stated that OJT workers with nothing to do were still required to show up in the office at least once a week. Describing that as nonsense, the PSA member said that decisions like that contributed to the high spread of the virus in the work place. Another member stated that persons were only considered primary or secondary contacts if they were in contact with a positive Covid-19 person for more than half an hour. Upon contacting MALF’s Permanent Secretary, Ms Susan Shurland, for comment with respect to employees’ concern, she stated that she was writing to the PSA this evening.