Labour Movement: “Government using SoE for bigger sinister plans!”

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“There is only so much people can take. There is only so much burden people could bear! We need to create a society where people are the center and not profit!” said Chief Education and Research Officer, Ozzi Warwick, following yesterday’s ‘Freedom March’ demonstrated by the Labour Movement. According to Warwick, the Government was using the SoE to restructure the State, where there would be increased privatization and minimal contributions by state organizations. He stated that it was the Government’s sinister plan to revert to a system prior to the 1970s, where privatization was at an all time high and the state contributed minimally to society. He alluded that such a system would only further financially cripple the poor.

Displaying their freedom of expression and aggravation against the Government via mass demonstrations, the Federations yesterday marched to say NO to:

  • Loss of jobs
  • Loss of incomes
  • Continued state of emergency
  • The aggressive pursuit of the restructuring of WASA
  • The restructuring of T&TEC
  • The retrenchment of 600 TSTT workers
  • Privatized gas stations
  • Removal of fuel subsidy
  • The threatening of Lake Asphalts.
  • Reduced NIB pensions
  • The implementation of increased pension ages
  • Further reducing persons to poverty.

The ‘Freedom March’ demonstrated by the three Federations: NATUC, JTUM, and FITUN took place on Wednesday at 10:30 am. The Federation Leaders and union representatives marched from the Aranguez Savannah to Port-of-Spain, making their way through Barataria, Morvant and Laventille. According to Warwick, The Labour Movement, through their mass demonstrations continue to fight back against the government and represent the poor, the disadvantaged and the voiceless. The Federations have stated that they are all in favor of people centered development, decent jobs and wage-led recovery but are opposed to the Government’s diabolical restructuring of the state to pay less and less in society.

Warwick stated that in the upcoming budget one can expect:

  • Massive job losses,
  • Mass loss of incomes,
  • Increase in food prices
  • Increase in rent
  • Increase in household items
  • Increase in transportation.