Industrial Relations Advisory Committee Appointed

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Minister of labour Stephen Mc Clashie appointed 11 members of the industrial Relations Advisory Committee last Monday.

According to a statement from the Labour Ministry, this is the committees 5th term with many members from the last term returning, including the committee’s Chairman Dr. Hyacinth Guy and Secretary General of the Communication Workers Union Clyde Elder as Labour Representative of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions and Non-governmental organisations.

PSA media reached out to Mr Elder on Saturday who has served on the committee three terms and explained what this appointment means cor the Communication Workers Union.

“It’s an advantage to the Communication Workers Union in that we are able to articulate not just out union’s positions, but workers position at the level of industrial advisory committee which is a tripartite committee,” he expressed.

Mr. Elder boasted that the committee works rather well and takes considerations on board.

The Industrial Relations Advisory Committee will serve for a period of two years and is tasked with ensuring the development and reform of the Industrial Relations Act by the elimination of anomalies. Specific proposals for changes are then to be prepared and submitted, from time to time, to the labour minister.

Mr. Elder added that the CWU is also assisted in that when matters are discussed in high level meetings, it is able to now be implemented into those companies. This relationship he described as symbiotic.