Immigration Officers short on PPE!

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The Public Services Association (PSA), represented by Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Aaron Singh, has once again called on the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) to address the concerns of several immigration officers represented by the PSA.

The influx of concerns came when it was announced that Trinidad and Tobago’s borders are set to reopen on July 17. With positive Covid-19 cases still on the increase and a threat of the new Covid-19 Delta variant entering the country, IRO Singh has called on both the CIO, Charmaine Ghandi-Andrews and the newly appointed Minister of National Security, Fitzgerald Hinds, to ensure that sufficient PPE is provided for all Immigration Officers.

In a phone interview this morning, IRO Singh indicated that since he wrote to the CIO, on the predominant issue of shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for workers, no response has been given. The letter dated June 30, 2021, was issued shortly after the PSA received formal grievances from its membership, however, to date no response of acknowledgement or action has been given or taken place.

IRO Singh, again stated that the dismissive approach in which the CIO treated with workers concerns was highly unacceptable and exemplified the level of disrespect the CIO showed towards workers’ recognized majority union (RMU), PSA. He added that especially during a pandemic the CIO should engage in a collaborative approach to ensure the safety of workers. “We cannot have the helm of Immigration Officers disregarding the RMU, the PSA! I want to call on the Chief Immigration Officer, Charmaine Ghandi- Andrews to desist from that type of management and to engage in a more collaborative approach for the betterment of all workers,” said IRO Singh.

Reporter: Melissa Goodman