Health Control Officers: “Excellent Representation!”

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“We are very happy with the outcome, Mr. Duke and Ms. Thomas are excellent representation!” Health Control Officers attached to the Piarco International Airport, through proper representation by the Public Services Association (PSA), were able to sigh in relief this morning, as an unsolicited change in their terms and conditions was resolved.

The predominantly permanent workers had been forced to work according to a shift system. The workers had been rostered to work: two (6am-2pm), two (2pm – 10pm) and one (10pm – 6am) shifts, all whilst having to return to work the following day. The roster was then repeated. This disallowed the officers from having their two off-duty days. 

President of the PSA, Watson Duke, slammed the actions by management, calling it a flagrant disregard of the officers’ terms and conditions of employment.  The PSA represented by Mr. Duke and First Vice President (FVP) Felisha Thomas, had called on the Public Health Inspector IV, Mark Dookeran, at the Insect Vector Control Division, to revisit the rosters under which the Health Control Officers stationed at the airport, were asked to work.

However, FVP Thomas stated that all attempts to resolve the matter through bilateral talks with Dookeran and Permanent Secretary Asif Ali were unsuccessful, as they failed to meet and treat with the PSA on the matter.  Following the lack of compliance, the PSA’s president had instructed the officers, to immediately cease the facilitations of the shift arrangement that was unilaterally implemented by management.

Seen in the picture below are some of the health control officers early this morning expressing sighs of relief and thankfulness that their terms and conditions have been restored.