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On this Father’s Day, we celebrate the immense importance of fathers in our society.The Fatherhood Institute, a UK-based think tank and research organization focusing on fatherhood and male parenting, in a study, titled “The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children,” confirms that involved and caring fathers have a profound impact on their children’s lives. Your presence as fathers contributes to your children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. Your support fosters improved academic performance, enhanced problem-solving skills, and better emotional well-being in your children.

However, fatherhood transcends biology, and today we celebrate all father figures and male role models in our society. Your dedication and love create a nurturing environment, allowing our children to thrive. Through your involvement and your exemplary conduct, you shape our children’s futures, instilling values, and fostering healthy relationships.

To all fathers and father figures, today, we honour and appreciate your vital role. Your commitment and positive influence are invaluable to our children, families, and society as a whole.

Happy Father’s Day from the Public Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago.