Frustration of a temporary worker.

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A woman who works for a financial institution on contract complains that the arrangement is frustrating.
In conversing with PSA media, the woman who preferred to remain anonymous along with the financial institution she works in said that she is out of work presently and waiting for a phone call from the company to tell her that they have renewed her contract.

She explained the way it works: “I started with the institution six months ago and they started by giving me a two-month contract and then continued renewing it every month until the six months is up.” She said once a worker reaches six months the company has to break their service else it means that they will have to make them permanent. The woman who is in her late 30s and has a family said that she is at home for the past month waiting for a call from the institution.

She noted that the call is not even a guarantee but she has to keep her fingers crossed and in the meantime apply to other places for employment. However, she said that the job market seems to be saturated also and hence she has not received any calls from alternative places of employment.

She also said that one of the more frustrating things about the “wait” is the company can call her on a “today for today” basis and indicate that she will be required back out to work on the next day. She said that arrangement at one time had spoilt plans that she had already prepared for.

The worker also lamented that “Everyone knows there is always work to be done at the institution and therefore if the management or board members can simply put a limit on the time persons are home that will be nice.”

However, she said that she was thankful that she does have a support system at home that can help carry her through the period but wondered about others who do not.