For a third week, thousands protests France’s Vaccine Pass.

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Protests in France are ongoing. Over 200,000 persons joined demonstrations over the weekend, to protest mandatory vaccination health passes issued by their Government. Several police officers were injured in attempts to maintain order in Paris, as protesters were seen destroying tents where persons were being tested for the coronavirus.

France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, said that while he respects a person’s right to a peaceful protest, he maintains that Covid-19 vaccinations are essential to fight Covid-19. According to President Macron, it’s a person’s civic duty to be vaccinated. As such, he has made it mandatory for all health workers to be vaccinated and has also made health passes mandatory in order to have access to restaurants, movie theatres, trains, and tourist venues.  

However, thousands upon thousands of French persons do not agree to this policy and has taken to the streets to protest the mandate. For three weeks in a row, thousands of persons have gathered to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. 3000 police officers have been deployed to keep the demonstrations peaceful.