Fight Against Mandatory Vaccination, PSA 100% percent Successful.

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PSA has 100% Success Rate against Mandatory Vaccinations!

Will employers forcing vaccination upon their employees eventually force vaccination upon their customers alike? Or are customers presented with a ‘choice’ simply because their money is keeping businesses afloat in the midst of the worldwide pandemic? President of the Public Services Association (PSA) in a previous live interview has stated that the PSA has so far been one hundred percent successful in dealing and treating with employees faced with mandatory vaccination.

Imagine being fired by a lawyer for not being vaccinated. The one profession you would think is representative of a persons’ legal and humanitarian freedom of choice. PSA’s Grievance Officers have reported that employees working at law firms had been fired over mandatory vaccination. According to the Officers, over the past month, one hundred percent of persons seeking PSA’s representation against forced vaccination, have so far stemmed from the private sector businesses such as law firms, medical practitioners, the banking sector, and the entertainment industry.

Whilst some lawyers are reportedly infringing upon persons’ human rights, other human rights lawyers have warned that people cannot be excluded from work based on their vaccination status. PSA President Watson Duke stated that no case has so far reached the court, as employers are becoming more understanding and willing to accept persons’ freedom of choice regarding vaccination following the PSA’s intervention.

The Data Protection Commission (DPC), a European body that upholds the fundamental rights of persons had also warned that companies can’t ask workers about their vaccination status.