England: No vaccination passports needed! Crippled industry and Discrimination lawsuits may follow!

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England’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid, stated that England would no longer move ahead with vaccination passports to enter nightclubs and several other indoor venues. The Night Time Industries in an interview with the BBC warned that such a mandate would only further cripple the entertainment industry and result in discrimination lawsuits for many nightclub owners.

Javid stated that they were not doing things, for doing thing’s sake. Javid said that he was focused on results rather than implementing policies only because others are doing it. He reported that under such mandate, customers would have had to require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test and if they at any time tested positive for Covid-19, proof that they finished self-isolating would have been necessary. In the interview with BBC, Javid shared that he also wanted to get rid of PCR tests requirement for travel. He is currently seeking advice on the matter.

The withdrawal of the mandatory vaccination passports followed a near conclusion that passports would be necessary to enter nightclubs and indoor spaces. However, many nightclub owners had warned against it, stating that it would complicate business operations. The policy had also faced a lot of heat from opposing politicians.

India has also reported that they would not be implementing vaccine passports as a measure of control for the covid-19 virus.