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Employees at the Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association (TTBWA) have reported nepotism to the highest level at the Association.  Members said that there is no Human Resource Department that allows for fair hiring, firing and promotion procedures. They alluded to intentional refusal by management to hire HR personnel that would act as a fair mediator between employer and employees. 

Via phone interviews with the Public Services Association (PSA), members of the PSA employed at TTBWA, called for an end to all nepotism practices. Employees stated that it was extremely unfair that management hired and fired whom they wanted, according to personal preferences. 

According to several sources, confirmation letters were assigned to those who were either related to, or favored by management. They said that this was ongoing and it was about time that it was stopped.  They said that employees who have been working for the past five years and more couldn’t be confirmed, whilst others, who have been employed for two years, are easily confirmed into their positions. 

The PSA, represented by Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Ricardo Goolcharan, is investigating the allegations and claims.