Employees at SWRHA seek PPE amidst possible Delta threats.

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In phone interviews earlier today, PSA members employed at the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) expressed their disappointment in management, for what they describe as a continued direct lack of concern for front line health workers. The members who work in varying departments of the SWRHA have told PSA media that employees were contracting the virus at work due to management’s complete negligence of Covid-19 protocols. Now, fearful of the Covid-19 Delta variant and an added threat of an already overwhelmed health care system, employees are seeking sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to best protect themselves and their families.

The staff, this morning, complained of continuous reoccurring shortages of (PPE). They stated that till this date, the only Covid-19 measures put in place were temperature checks, as most times there were shortages of hand sanitizer for patients and staff. They reported that the ineffective and careless management unnecessarily exposed staff.

One PSA member employed at SWRHA said that staff had been requesting PPE for a very long time and still there is not enough being done and being provided to protect staff. The source told PSA media that upon work related interactions with positive Covid-19 coworkers; no contact tracing or measures of quarantine were being done.

The employees called on their management and higher authorities to ensure that proper measures are taken to protect all front line health workers with talks of a possible Delta variant threat.